Monday, August 25, 2008

Kristol: Edging Toward Insanity

BillyBoy Kristol, warmonger-with-a-grin, suggests that McCain can, indeed, dump on the base for the sake of Mo'War.

Kristol puts it more subtly, describing Lieberman as a “bold choice” and a “country first” selection,...

...Kristol pooh-poohs Lieberman’s liberal voting record, writing “…he is pro-abortion rights, and having been a Democrat all his life, he has a moderately liberal voting record…” An interesting description, making it appear that his Democratic party ties somehow coerced Joe into voting against his conscience. And, in reality, Lieberman is much more liberal than that except on foreign policy issues. NARAL Pro-Choice America rates him at 100% on pro-abortion voting while in Congress and the gay advocacy group Human Rights Campaign (HRC) gives him an 87% on homosexual issues. The NAACP gives him an 86% favorable rating on affirmative action. Not exactly a normal Republican, is he?

Whatever, BillyBoy. Kill babies for the sake of Mo'War.

HT: The American Conservative

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