Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama Wanna Play Rough? Don't Go There

Obamamamamama's boyzzz just don't like the Ayers connection.

So they want the US Department of Justice to 'investigate' the donor(s) who made this video possible.

Well, the target of the Obamamamama-ites' campaign thinks that two can play that game.

Of course, should the Department decide to yield to the pressure from the Obama Campaign and undertake its requested ‘investigations’ of donors to politically related conservative causes, the Department would necessarily be required to do so in an even-handed, non partisan and non-ideological approach. In that regard, the Department would be required to review all donors to all causes and political / policy organizations, whose contributions exceed $5,000 per calendar year to any such causes, the vast majority of which are donors to liberal causes, not conservative ones.

Based on calculations from the Center for Responsive Politics ( ) the following are leftwing donors whose substantial contributions to political causes in the last three election cycles have consistently landed each of them on the top donors list and surely each of these donors warrant the Department’s review, scrutiny and prosecution, if the Obama Campaign standard is to be applied evenly:

George Soros:
2004: $23,450,000
2006: $ 3,542,500
2008 (to date) $ 4,650,000

Steven Bing:
2004: $13,852,031
2008 (to date) $ 4,850,000

Peter Lewis:
2004: $22,997,220
2006: $ 1, 624,375
2008 (to date) $ 850,000

Herb and Marion Sandler:
2004: $13, 008, 459

Linda Pritzker:
2004: $3,300,000
2006: $2,101,000

John Hunting:
2006: $1,647,000
2008 (to date) $1,243,000

Alida Messinger
2004: $ 3,580,200
2006: $ 1,042,000
2008 (to date) $ 883,000

Pat Stryker:
2006: $ 1,331,293
2008 (to date): $ 300,000

Jon Stryker:
2006: $ 1,271,313
2008: $ 604,054

The missive also mentions the group which announced that it would be "targeting" donors to Conservative causes for reprisals. (They did not mention Epic Systems.)

OK, Obama. Let's play.

HT: Malkin

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