Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aggrandize Government? Or Worship It?

P-Mac essays on Dionne's blindness, and relays the question in indirect discourse.

For years, acquaintances have asked how I could possibly be Christian and yet be so mean as to not favor this or that aggrandizement of Washington.

"Washington," of course, is shorthand for "Gummint."

The simple answer is that Christianity (and Judaism, for that matter) require their adherents to 'glorify GOD,' not the Gummint.

The more complex one is that those who would aggrandize Gummints are worshipping the wrong god--the one which is Gummint.

Worse, their tendency is to confuse their own personal ideas of 'right' with what IS actually 'right,' or (worst of all), themselves with God.

Look no further than The O-and-Savior's "seas shall stop rising" for insight.

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