Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Michelle My Belle's Oratory, (Condensed Version)

As usual, Planet Moron has the goods.

For those of you who missed Michelle Obama’s speech, here is the condensed version:

Craig Robinson (intro)

Michelle is my sister.
We were working class.
Our father died.
She has daughters!

Michelle Obama

I have a mother and a brother!
My father is dead, though.
But I have daughters!
Did I mention my father is dead? Because he is. He was really sick, too!
We were working class. Barack was working class too. We were all working class.
I have children. I mentioned that, right?
Barack left Wall Street where he made other people money and went into public service where he spent other people’s money.
I bring it up because that’s better!
My father was sick. Not sure if that was already clear.
I love this country!
I left a law firm where I made money to go into public service where I could spend other people’s money, just like Barack. We have so much in common!
Barack is going to make everything super great!
He’ll do that by bringing us together with sharing and hope and threads or something.
For those of you coming in late, I have a daughter.
So, just to recap: 1) Father dead. 2) I have daughters.
Vote Obama.
Yay America!

You choked up there a little at the end, didn’t you? It’s okay. There’s no shame in it.

I'm sorry to report that I missed the original, but happy to have read the Dick and Jane version.

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