Friday, February 01, 2008

MORE "Coverup" in Milwaukee's Archdiocese

An unusual case of child abuse has led to MORE allegations of "coverup" in the Milwaukee Archdiocese.

In this case a nun who was the principal of a Milwaukee grade school admitted to Archdiocesan authorities (in 1996) that she had been abusing some of the male students in her school.

...court documents show that a psychologist told prosecutors in 2006 that Giannini had identified other victims to a Milwaukee archdiocese panel. The psychologist and other members of the panel interviewed Giannini in 1996 after abuse allegations emerged.

Because church officials did not report the allegations to law enforcement at the time, prosecutors began building their case in 2005 only after victims approached the civil authorities.

Lemmeesee heah, Grits....that was during the reign of Abp Weakland, no?

Some of you sharp types will know when the legislation requiring certain people to report child-abuse allegations to the police was passed. If it was in effect in 1996, the members of that Archdiocesan panel should be retaining counsel as we type.

Let's hope that the Archdiocese does not PAY for that counsel.

(Source: Chicago Tribune, 1/31/08)

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