Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Croc vs. Dad: Will Old Age and Treachery Overcome?

Croc gets exercised over my "principles count" objection to his "roll over and vote McPain" command.

What conservative principle is served by actions or inaction that help liberals? What conservative principle is betrayed by recognizing that there are three possible choices - we can vote for an imperfect conservative, we can vote for a liberal or we can not vote - and then making the choice that provides the best protection against liberal gains?

(There's a lot more passion at the link.)

Geez, Croc, chill out (whatever that means--I borrowed the phrase from my chilluns....)

I voted in the "R" column. I voted principles. I voted FRED.

What friggin' Liberal Lefty/Commie draws comfort from THAT?

This primary was a "free kick." And I did what was right: I 'kicked' McPain--hopefully, towards the Conservative side of the world. Over 2,700 OTHER Wisconsinites did exactly the same thing--and another batch voted for Duncan Hunter.

November will be a different story, I'm afraid....


Reaganite said...

I was a Fred Thompson supporter originally. But voting for Fred at this point has the same practical affect as not voting. You might as well have written in Chesteron or Reagan or Bugs Bunny for that matter. It still shows a party in disarray, and that is not helpful.

Dad29 said...

"Shows a party in disarray"??


Actually, it is McCain who is in disarray.

Are you seriously trying to tell me that the only GOOD "R" vote is a McCain "R" vote?