Friday, February 15, 2008

Feds to Shut Down Economic Indicators Site

If you think the information contained on this webpage is useful, take a good look now--because it will disappear as of 3/1/08.

Comments The Big Picture: "First, we heard the bullshit about the costs of reporting M3 -- just before that aspect of money supply went sky high.

"This new development implies (by parallel comparison to M3) that the economy is actually far, far worse than previously believed."

....which demonstrates that paranoia is not confined to ultra-conservative Black Helicopter wack-jobs; BigPic is a Lefty kinda guy.

On the other hand, what if he's right?


Anonymous said...

That is friggin' unbelievable. They have all the data. How much does it cost to post it on the internet? We can throw hundreds of billions at pet projects, but we can't afford tranparency in the data our government is collecting.

Making moves like that is just going to cause traders to focus on the data even more.

Aristotle said...

"Budgetary constraints?" Couldn't Ben Bernanke utilize his printing press for this expense?

"Budgetary constraints" would be a more believable excuse if this department were actually exercising fiscal restraint. Sounds like a good thing to verify...any takers?

Anonymous said...
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