Wednesday, February 20, 2008

McPain or Obamamamama? Part One

Earlier, I had ripped off another blogger's opinion on McPain to the effect that we're screwed even worse with Obamamamamamama (or the Hildebeeste--who cares either way?)

Obama's "gun control" plan, revealed in 1999 or so:

Obama outlined his anti-gun plan that includes increased penalties for the interstate transportation of firearms. The maximum penalty now for bringing a gun across the border is 10 years in prison. Obama is proposing to make it a felony for a gun owner whose firearm was stolen from his residence which causes harm to another person if that weapon was not securely stored in that home. [Yah. That's a good idea, hey. /sarcasm]

He's proposing restricting gun purchases to one weapon a month and banning the sale of firearms at gun shows except for "antique" weapons. Obama is also proposing increasing the licensing fee to obtain a federal firearms license.

...He's also asking that gun manufacturers be required to develop safety measures that permit only the original owner of the firearm to operate the weapon purchased.

That "original owner only" is not do-able from a technical standpoint, and of course, it absolutely prevents trade-ins. By the way, it also makes your handgun absolutely useless for other members of your family in case of a home invasion...

HT: RedState (more Obamamaniacal proposals at the link)

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