Wednesday, February 20, 2008

McPain and the Supremes

Well-reasoned mild dissent on the Imperative To Vote McCain, from Andy McCarthy at NRO. Since the Shark raised this question earlier, we can infer that Great Minds run in the same orbits.’s McCain’s supporters who are deluding themselves. I take them at their word, for example, that a hallmark of the senator’s politics is his tenacity on matters of principle. Consequently, I am skeptical of his assurances that he would appoint conservative judges who will apply rather than create law. Why? Because he has a recent, determined history of beseeching federal courts to disregard the First Amendment in furtherance of a dubious campaign-finance scheme in which he believes passionately. Conservative judges would (and have) rejected this scheme, just as they would (and have) rejected another signature McCain position: the extension of Geneva Convention protections for jihadists

Frankly, I did not realize that McPain thinks jihadists should be protected by the Conventions. That makes his 'promise' of 'constructionist' Justice nominations even less, ah......promissory....than before, when only his anti-First Amendment blather was at stake.

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