Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Short Take on Piero Marini's "Reform"

Nobody is better at erudite acerbity than Fr. George Rutler, whose review of P. Marini's new book is found in the current First Things.

A pull-quote from the FT site:

“Perhaps greater contact with pastoral reality would have anticipated the chaos that comes when ardent but misbegotten theories are imposed on the people of God who do not regularly read Notitiae. The blithe obliviousness of many experts to damage all around them is, nonetheless, breathtaking. At times in various lands it is like watching a venerable procession of Alcuin, Ivo of Chartres, Gueranger, Fortescue, and Jungmann, and finding, at the end Inspector Clouseau.”

Or, if not Clouseau, perhaps his equally clueless-twit, mirror-obsessed mentor, Bugnini.

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