Wednesday, February 20, 2008


John Eagleburger, a State Department type, shows his diplomatic skills.

Former Secretary of State, Lawrence Eagleburger ripped into Rush, asking when the "poobahs" of talk radio were elected the leaders of the conservative movement.

A while back, I flew from DC to Milwaukee in a YX flight w/Eagleburger, Herb Kohl, and Sen. Paul Simon. (At Mitchell, I deplaned to see Bill Bennett sucking up booze at an airport bar--around noon...)

Eagleburger was SecState only because he was a last-minute appointee of a Pubbie Pres--not because he was a brilliant statesman (obviously) but because he was a Party guy for his entire life.

Winning friends and influencing people.

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Anonymous said...

Eagleburger was never elected to anything and he was a tepid Secretary at best.

He is not that bright.