Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pound Head Into Wall, Repeatedly

Here's a guy who thinks that he can change the outcome by doing the same damn thing over and over and over and over and over.....

A State Senator in Wisconsin is going to make another run at establishing a minimum renewable fuels standard in the Badger State. Pat Kreitlow says his bill differs from the 10% ethanol mandate that was defeated two years ago.

Not in effect, but in language. Does Kreitlow think we're as stupid as HE is?

It was the State Senate which defeated the ethanol mandate two years ago and Kreitlow knows he has some work to do. “The people that represent the rural parts of the state understand it,” but the tougher sell will be from the southeast and northeastern parts of the state

Kreitlow proceeds to blame "a couple of radio hosts." Wonder if he checked the emails and phone calls, or just decided it's "radio hosts."

As it turns out, he has an equally-stupid pal in the Assembly:

Kreitlow says he is going to take his time building support for the bill which means it may not be introduced until the next session, “As more lawmakers come on board who understand the value of getting our fuel from the Midwest.” Republican Scott Suder will introduce the companion bill in the Assembly

Bring it on, boys. I'll be happy to provide more bricks for the wall. Bang away!!!

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