Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another "60 Minutes" Hit-Job Coming

The experience of Dan Rather doesn't penetrate the skulls of the "60 Minutes" 'journalists.' Hillyer, a REAL journalist with actual Alabama ties, warns:

...It purports to describe how Karl Rove supposedly asked an Alabama woman to take photos of former Gov. Don Sieglman (D-AL) in an extramarital affair. As if.

In light of this week's huge focus on media bias and just slipshod, poorly sourced or validated stories, I warn everybody in advance against this sleazy piece of tabloid journalism as promised by the masters of the genre, 60 Minutes.

As an Alabama journalist for eight years, I have been following from afar (her stories started breaking after I moved back to DC) this lady's utterly baseless, frankly nutty, string of allegations involving supposed skullduggery related to the conviction of former Gov. Don Siegelman. I do not know of a single legitimate journalist in Alabama who takes seriously a single thing she says. And we're not talking mere local yokel journalists; we're talking recent Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalists -- who do NOT lean right, but who, to my personal knowledge, are either center or left of center in their personal views.

This lady making the allegations actually testified before a congressional committee last year, and the buzz about all her allegations suddenly died. Why? Because not even the lefty Dems found her credible. Question: Why, after all the stories she has told, including having a chance to testify before the committee, does she just now suddenly start telling this story about Rove when it never was part of her narrative before? Repeat: NEVER part of her story before. (See paragraph three of this story today.)

And why would any self-respecting journalist (which, I guess, by definition excludes 60 Minutes) believe that Rove, with all the other, more sophisticated campaign tools at his disposal, would do such a thing? And why would Rove ever have reason to believe that this woman would even be in a position to photograph Seigelman in flagrante? I mean, this is so ludicrous as to belong in black helicopter, tinfoil hat territory. PLEASE continue to watch this space, because I am putting together a major report here refuting the 60 Minutes slime job, with lots of excellent sourcing.

You'll not see any Microsoft-format letters in this piece. Just a loose nut given a national platform.

Upcoming: "60 Minutes" proves that Karl Rove and GWB directed the 9/11 events, including changing the heat-resistance specifications of architectural steel while still in high school, and surreptitiously financing flying-school tuitions for Muslim extremists while occupying office in Texas.

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