Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Mrs. Obama Forgets

The Caveman's synopsis is outstanding.

But how about some of the intangibles that come from her living in these here good ol' United States of America? Here's a rather short list that this (quite honestly) stupid woman should consider before she opens her yap --

1. That she lives in a country where she hasn't been dragged off in the dead of night and been shot through her head for implying that she "isn't proud of her nation". Good thing for MO that she doesn't live in North Korea or some such similar 3d World dung-heap of a nation.

2. That she lives in a country where her husband, daughters, mother, father, siblings, grandparents, and cousins, close friends, Third Grade teacher, dog, goldfish, haven't been dragged off in the dead of night and been shot through their heads because Michelle Obama implied that she "isn't proud of her nation". Ref #1 concerning MO residing in the PRK or similar nation.

3. Allow me to add that her daughters, sisters, female cousins, mother and grandmother weren't gang raped first.

4. That her daughters will reach adulthood, and not die of dysentery, bubonic plague, dyptheria, plain old starvation or hundreds of other maladies that plague most children on earth today. I guess MO hasn't really looked beyond the United States during her adulthood. She really should visit your average Latin American, African or Asian nation and see how most of the children of the world live.

5. In accordance with sharia law, her husband hasn't had his head crushed in via public stoning (or hung, or have his head carved off... whatever) for supposedly abandoning islam and embracing Christianity. I would imagine that MO is unfamiliar with how things are ran in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan when the Taliban ran things, and a host of other islamic vacation spots.

6. That she and her daughters haven't been tortured due to the head-of-the-household apostatizing from islam. See #5 concerning visiting islamic vacation spots.

7. That she has the unalienable right to publicly state really, really, really stupid things.

Other commentators have mentioned scientific, medical, and social achievements in this country over the last 40 years or so. But life/death issues are so much

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