Thursday, February 21, 2008

Are the Cops THIS Stupid?

CNN runs a typical MSM fairytale about 'chilluns with guns,' and an Arizona Fraternal Order of Police mucketymuck basically tells us that "cops are stupid". You gotta wonder...

The video story from affiliate KPNX reporter Brahim Resnik in Phoenix warns about the evils of painted guns, specifically firearms they state are painted like children's toys. The reporter gets support from Bryan Soller of the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police.

"Somebody points it at an officer, and he hesitates, at which point he could get shot, or worse, the officer could react and take the life of a child..."

Of course, it hasn't happened yet.

There's more speculation about the Airsoft replica guns:

We do know, though, that parents buy their children hundreds of thousands of airsoft guns every year, firearms that often are to the naked eye nearly exact copies of real firearms.

A couple of years ago, a few of Brookfield's Little Darlings were wandering about near Elmbrook Hospital with their Airsofts. Somebody called the cop-shop, and NOBODY was killed, or shot!!

How did that happen?

Despite the hysteria assisted by Bryan Soller of the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police (who apparently doesn't trust Arizona police officers not to shoot citizens with concealed carry permits, either), it comes down to the elements of proper training, situational awareness, and common sense.

Now let's find out how Bryan Soller got his position with the AZ F.O.P. Apparently, he didn't get a lot of proper training, doesn't have much common sense, and (obviously) doesn't have a good dose of situational awareness, either.

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