Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mental Health, Guns, Costs, Lives

For a lengthy series of posts on the problems created by "de-institutionalization" see the link here.

Clay Cramer is a scholarly sorta guy, albeit not with a "scholar's" background; his interests are in the Second Amendment and mental health. As you will see by scrolling through the posts, these two areas have a lot of crossover.

It was interesting to learn that "de-institutionalization" began in the Progressive State of Wisconsin....

....and would account for some of the denizens of our Legislative Chambers..../snark


capper said...

I could've told you that. It started from a lawsuit. Then the gubmint found it was cheaper. Gotta keep those taxes down, ya know. Now, it's becoming a free for all.

Dad29 said...

Yup, capper, I figured you'd see this post and react.

Aren't you happy to know that your bosom buddies, the far-Left-Liberal ACLU, participated in the lawsuit?