Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wis DPI: Good Show!!

We are not a fan of Wisconsin's Department of Public Instruction, in general terms.

But when they do a good thing, we'll give them credit.

Our children are 'open enrollment' kids due to a relocation a few years back (and due to the wacky school-district-borders in our area.) It's a minor inconvenience to transport the darlings, but, you know, we Do It For the Children.

This year, the Wis DPI put up an online system for the enrollment, and it is slick, fast, intuitive, and simple. No stupid bureaucrat-ese, trick questions (the ones where there are 3 possible answers with no "right" one), only about 30 lines to fill out, all clearly explained....

It's easier to deal with this system than ANY system from (e.g.) SBC--not to mention the Feds.

Good show!

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