Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Summary: "Hell, We Don't Know, and Can't Find Out"

If you read the Police Department report on voting irregularities in the City of Milwaukee, it won't take long for you to assess it just like my headline does.

The City's Election Commission workforce was populated by dolts, rummies, idiots, clucks, wonzos, schlemiels, schlamazzels, bedwetters, nincompoops, and convicted felons (!)--and it's entirely possible that a number of them wilfully and knowingly violated various Wisconsin laws regarding eligibility for voting.

But recordkeeping and Downtown errors are so numerous and egregious that there's no way to determine what actually happened, with a few exceptions.

We are not surprised. A friend who is a lifelong Democrat and resident of the City (and a good guy, overall) was as non-chalant as could be when we discussed the problem a couple of years ago--his entire take on the matter was "A few votes here and there, what's the difference"?

That's the Democrat Party mindset--"who cares?"

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