Saturday, February 16, 2008

McCain for President? HooooBoy...

Tom Roeser knows this guy who knows McCain (really well, by the way.)

Tell me again how this kinda guy.....oh, well.

Pal of McCain: "He is irascible, short-tempered, has a temper like a blowtorch."...

Roeser: " What you’re describing is a man who is a whirlwind of emotion and temper who in a very important time used pique to jab his president."....

Roeser: Are you saying he’s paranoid?

Pal of McCain: "Well, frankly, yeah"

Pal of McCain: "...Do you know who I think he would most resemble as president?...Andrew Jackson. Combative, mercurial and thin-skinned, with Scotch Irish blood like McCain. He could hate with a biblical fury and change overnight"

It would be a lot of fun to watch McCain in conversation with, say, Hugo Chavez.

There are some redeeming values, of course.

Pal of McCain: He’s a genuine American hero, Tom. Much more so than Rudy. John is not a guy you’d have for any task-but for this one, facing terrorism, he’s unparalleled. Even here Jackson is important. The changing nature of the country requires more than white-shoe conservatism. Huckabee whom I think is a charlatan has proven that. The people like a maverick, a guy who even though he’s a Republican isn’t in awe of big business. Jackson railed against the Bank of the United States. He warred with Nicholas Biddle who represented the powerful eastern business interests who were unsympathetic to the south and the Midwest...

(Roeser's entry of 2/15/08)

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