Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Taser for You?

The LawDog is not enthused.

I'm trying to like the citizen-version of the Taser. I really am. 30 seconds of The Dying Cockroach is the sort of thing that just warms my little Neandertal heart -- but I have some concerns about the whole set-up.

Once the 30-seconds of ride is over, the critter is perfectly able to get to his feet and gambol off none the worse for wear.

...The Taser C2 is okay if you're philosophically opposed to the whole "Blood Out, Air In" method of critter control; or if you're stuck in some Third World hell-hole that won't let you carry a firearm (like New York or California) [or Wisconsin]; or maybe if gun-shots, blood and screaming upsets your stomach -- but other than that I think I'll just stay with my bang-sticks.

About $350.00 retail, plus $25.00 each for re-loads.

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