Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not in MY County, Lena!

Ms Taylor may well be the next Milwaukee County Executive. (Vote fraud, folks...)

At any rate, she likes the 'take your money' approach:

Taylor also said "yes," when asked whether she'd support extending the stadium sales tax to help pay for local transportation and housing needs when Miller Park borrowing is paid off. The 0.10% stadium tax has been projected to expire in 2014.

Not in Waukesha County, honey.

Maybe in Racine, Washington, Ozaukee, and Milwaukee Counties.

But don't even THINK about "extending" the play-game tax here.


buddy said...

Where in the World is Jessica McBride?

What we have here is truly, “Failure to Communicate”

She seems to have gone the way of fellow right wing activist mover and shaker Todd Robert Murphy.

Remember Todd (my mother named me Todd Robert)?

Kingmaker, avid fund raiser for political insiders, panel member on the Belling Sunday morning show, a non indicted associate of many involved in the Bielinski “affair.” Some believe he was NGRR (Not Guilty by Reason of being Republican).

But back to Ms. McBride. I wonder what reason she gives the fertile young minds she fills with unbiased knowledge for her sudden cessation of blogging?

This, an election year, ripe with topics for columns full of her wit, wisdom, wishing, wondering and whitewashing but little from the Mistress of Spin but an occasional Henny Youngman one- liner accompanied by a link to someone else’s work.

John McCain goes from impossible recipient of the Republican nomination to the man that lost to the first African American President of the United States and Ms. McBride is not to be heard?

No comment on voter fraud/voter ID, Walker vs. Taylor or Gableman vs. Butler from the Mistress of Spin?

Truly, the silence IS deafening.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I don't think that even voter fraud is going to help her win in Milwaukee county. Scott Walker's got this wrapped up and will blow her out I believe.

On the other hand, voter fraud WILL re elect Jr. McGee.