Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Grace of a Happy Death

If you know the meaning of that phrase, you're Catholic--perhaps Orthodox.

I was delighted to learn today that someone close to this family had visited with a priest several times last week, and was able to make a Confession.

We had prayed for precisely that--a reconciliation with the Church--and were granted our request.

So the cancer will progress (now liver, bones, and brain) and the morphine drip will likely cause coma soon.

But a happy death was granted, gratias a Deo.


Neo-Con Tastic said...

Prayers have been answered.

Unknown said...

Reconciliation is wonderful whenever it occurs!

RAG said...

May mercy and peace shine upon them.

GOR said...

...or as we used to put it years ago in Ireland: "The grace of Final Perseverance"

Deo Gratias indeed, Dad!

And a timely reminder during Lent - though for those of us 'getting up in years' something we should have before us constantly...