Tuesday, May 22, 2007

TV Made Us Go to War: AlGore

AlGore joins Roal Dahl in denouncing TV.

“The Assault On Reason” begins as an academic discourse about the one-sided, corporate-controlled television medium with no interactivity.

Gore argues that television not only creates a dynamic that runs contrary to Thomas Jefferson’s desire for a “well-informed citizenry” but lulls viewers in a partially immobilized state and allows unreasoned communicators to sell false bills of goods, such as, say, that there was a connection between the Sept. 11 hijackers and Saddam Hussein.

As an example of the failed democratic conversation, Gore said Monday that prior to the war in Iraq, “if we had a full debate and a full airing of the pros and cons of the invasion that brought out the fact that Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with attacking us on 9/11 then we would have been much less likely to have these troops trapped over there now in the midst of a civil war.”


That leaves AlGore in the position of indirectly endorsing the Radio Talkers, who ARE interactive, and whose listeners are not 'immobilized...'

Strange bedfellows, eh?

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