Friday, May 18, 2007

Noonan on Fred!!

Great stuff, as you'd expect from Peggy Noonan:

While the other candidates bang away earnestly in a frozen format, Thompson continues to sneak up from the creek and steal their underwear--boxers, briefs and temple garments.

...These comments and opinions are being read and forwarded in Internet Nation. They are revealing and interesting, but they're not heavy, not homework. They have an air of "This is the sound of a candidate thinking." That's an unusual sound.

...Most importantly for him, and for all the Republican candidates for that matter, Mr. Thompson will have to answer this question: What is he running to do? Why should the Republicans get another eight years, or four years, after all the missteps they've made? Isn't conservatism, or Republicanism, or whatever you call it, just tired? Isn't it over? Isn't America just waiting for whatever will take its place?

Why shouldn't liberalism get a shot? Could they mess up more? Why should we trust Republicans with foreign affairs?

If Fred Thompson can answer these questions, he'll be showing he's something new, and not just the newest candidate, or the latest face.

Reports this week said an announcement could come in June.

It's estimated that the Moore UTube thing cost around $100.00 (exclusive of the cigar.) Who's the "expert" that yapped about a potential 'lack of funds'?

Yes, I cropped her editorial. She asks a lot of good questions, and is not bubbling with unvarnished enthusiasm over Fred!!

But then, so far, neither is Fred!


Pete Fanning said...

I love Peggy....absolutely brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Fred may be lying in the weeds for now.