Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dave Obey: Screw the Taxpayer and "Ethics," Too!!

Dave Obey, (D-Potato Country) who was reprimanded by his Bishop for his abortion-stance, now proceeds to demonstrate that a complete lack of ethics is perfectly consistent with his general outlook on Life In Washington As A Really Important Pompous Asshole:

The House Appropriations Committee has decided to insert earmarks into all of the FY08 spending bills during the conferencing committees, instead of during the initial House-only process.

This will prevent lawmakers like Jeff Flake from offering amendments to strip out wasteful pork projects...which is EXACTLY why David Obey, the Approps Chairman, is changing the rules.

Why change the rules?

“It’s my job to protect the committee."

Funny. I don't see "Protecting This Committee" in the Oath of Office for Congresscritters.

HT: ClubforGrowth and Instapundit

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Billiam said...

As I said in my post, what an amazing bunch of hypocrites. I wonder how many Dems will call them on it?