Thursday, May 24, 2007

An Outstanding Educator at BCHS

We attended a program honoring some Brookfield Central HS grads last night--the children were 'honors' graduates from the 2007 class. Nice bunch of kids overall, who had captured over $1.5 million in scholarships and grants for colleges around the country, including the Air Force Academy.

There was an unusual part to the program. One of the faculty members earns prize money "on the side" through essays, etc., pertaining to his discipline, Economics.

Rather than keeping all the money, as is his right, he elected to award some of it in scholarships to 2 students. He also gave them a couple of books to take along with as they journeyed to college.

Damn nice gesture, and appreciated by all who were there.

So happens I'm acquainted with a lot of primary- and secondary-school teachers (not all from the Elmbrook District.) All the ones that I know go 'the extra mile' for their students--not necessarily giving away scholarships, but in other ways that count.

They deserve recognition and thanks! from parents.

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