Sunday, May 27, 2007

ACORN's Getting Active

Yah, hey.

For only $10.00/month, ACORN's going to fix the crime-problem in the area around 55th/Silver Spring.

At least, that's what their flyers said--which were stuffed into every doorway in the area in the last few days.

Actually, that could be a hell of a deal. If they can do for $10.00/month what the entire Milwaukee Police Department cannot do, it may be worth the investment.


Anonymous said...

Who the heck is ACORN? You seem to have forgotten that one tiny detail. Some of us don't live in Milwaukee!

Dad29 said...

Google ACORN.

They're "social activists." Think CPUSA, Nat'l Lawyers' Guild, etc.

Of course, they don't fly the Hammer and Sickle flag.

It was founded by Saul Alinsky, who wrote the book "Rules for Radicals."