Thursday, May 17, 2007

McPainful Irony

On the evening before Senator John McCain (LaRaza) announced that he had caved in to the Illegal Immigrant lobby, a decorated and valorous father, husband, and Sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in Kenosha.

His killer had FIVE Social Security numbers and a distinctly Hispanic name. The Feds are trying to determine whether this scumbag was a "Documented" or "Un-documented" Thug.

Half a fence, to be built sometime, perhaps.

12 million applications to be processed by the INS (or whatever they are now.) You can be certain that INS will screen all those folks very, very carefully. (And you can be certain that taxes will go down, trees are purple, and that the check is in the mail.)

Retroactive Social Security credits.

Families come along with.

You like working here, but don't want to be a citizen? No problem-o, mon.

Did I mention "no fence"?

If nothing else, this should clear some of the underbrush from the primaries.

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