Friday, May 25, 2007

Mark Shea: Here's REAL "Torture"

The fellow (who actually knows nothing whatsoever about interrogation techniques) might want to examine REAL 'torture' methods utilized by the "victims of Gitmo's" brothers-in-arms.

HT: Moonbattery


Anonymous said...

What part of this doesn't qualify as real torture?

Dad29 said...


Shea comes up with a pic of a dead badguy. ONE.

There was also ONE Abu Ghrab, albeit with multiple events therein, for which there were trials and convictions.

Further, there's no evidence that the badguy pictured died from "interrogation," or as a result of his capture, during which he resisted with great vigor.

But hey! One incident makes the entire US operation eeeeeevil, right?

Anonymous said...

You're not ignorant of the Republican debate. Whether certain 'enhanced interogation' techniques constitute torture is certainly an open question. Whether our country and her leaders are open to using torture is not an open question. Whether torture is occuring with the blessing of our leaders may be questionable to some, but I'm of the opinion that it is indeed occuring with such blessing.

Dad29 said...

Well, until we know what those "techniques" are, the question will remain open. "Half-drowning" is NOT drowning. When the objective is to secure information, it's best to keep the badguy alive...right?

It's common knowledge that more extreme measures are used by other countries (Egypt, e.g.) and that we ship certain badguys over there for the treatment.

If you want to say that this constitutes "blessing of our leaders," that's fine.

But it is NOT a commonplace within the US military nor CIA, unless a lot more than a windy pastiche by Sullivan comes to light.