Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh, Yes, Jay--There's Fraud in Voting

The story is the standard stuff:

Kimberly Prude is 43, a grandmother of three and the face of voter fraud in Wisconsin.

The first vote she cast in her life, in the 2004 presidential election, landed her in the middle of a political storm and put her on a road to a two-year sentence inside the Robert E. Ellsworth Correctional Center.

(Cue violins.)

Here's the part that is far more interesting:

The government said that at the polls on election day, "Prude improperly vouched for individuals she had never met. She also signed as the corroborating witness on two on-site registration cards for the same voter."

The JS story does not follow up on the "vouched-for" individuals, nor does it mention how MANY of them are out there.

That would be an interesting Part 2, no?


Billiam said...

Dad, you'll NEVER convince Jay that there really was voter fraud. Never happen.

Jay Bullock said...

Actually, we lefties were writing about Kimberly Prude before you were. (I didn't specifically, but I linked to the Brew City Brawler, who did. Multiple times.)

The City of Milwaukee refused to pull her ballot out when requested. (It had not been opened. It could have been found and destroyed.) The HAVA vote lists that should have had her name as a felon were not finished, because Accenture sucks. Did she know she wasn't allowed to vote? Maybe--but it's a he said, she said.

As for the "vouching for," that's the one part of the law I've been advocating to change all along. And her signing on two cards for one voter--well, we've seen how that happens before.

The problem, fellas, is that this is the kind of case that Republicans have been using to claim that there is rampant organized voter fraud on the part of everyone from DPW to ACORN to ASPCA or something. This is the kind of case that Republicans point to in order to support restrictive photo ID laws. (Note that an ID wouldn't have stopped her. She never claimed to be someone she was not.)

If this is your evidence, you have a sorry, sorry case.

Oh, and I'll give you $50 if you can find where I said there were no fraudulent votes inn 2004.

Dad29 said...

We can both agree wholeheartedly that "Accenture Sucks." I have different reasons for that than you do--but that's irrelevant.

I do not recall reading a post in which you specifically called for revocation of the "voucher" thing--but then, my photographic memory was sent to Karl Rove's closet back in 1998. (Your name was not in the memory banks--you're safe for the time being...)

I have never claimed that the ASPCA was involved in vote fraud. I never claimed that the Democrats got their voters from the dog pound. (It's tempting...but I resist to the end...)

However, ACORN (or their employee/operatives) just happens to have been indicted in St. Louis and other places (Ohio, IIRC)for having submitted fraudulent voter-materials. C'mon--admit it--you don't really trust ACORN, either.

After all, they won't even pay Minimum Wage...

So you agree that Same-Day Registration is an abomination and besides, an invitation to fraud?

Jay Bullock said...

So you agree that Same-Day Registration is an abomination and besides, an invitation to fraud?

No, I don't agree. But I do think having somebody vouch for you is insufficient proof of identity and residency.

There's also a difference between ACORN workers' having submitted false forms so they could be paid more and what Republicans were railing against.