Thursday, May 17, 2007

Frank the Fixer's Next Game: Invite Terrorists to Wisconsin

Frankie "the Fixer" Busalacchi, Doyle's DOT Secretary, doesn't like National Security.

So he came up with numbers that will be unpopular when determining the cost of the enhanced-security driver's license which will be issued next year.

Motorists would have to pay $15 more for driver's licenses next year to cover the full cost of complying with a federal anti-terrorism law, but state legislators are skittish about increasing the fee more than $10.

Naturally, there are NO other costs at DOT which could be cut to offset the "cost" that The Fixer came up with. (We can think of one: eliminating State-paid legal representation for DarthDoyle's political contributors.)

But then, some folks don't know exactly how Frankie came up with the number, anyway:

"It's always difficult looking at numbers and assessing if it's a real number or an inflated number for something they don't want to do," [said Rep. Kitty Rhoades (R-Hudson)].

So maybe The Fixer is just stamping his widdle feets--on Wisconsin motorists, of course.

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