Monday, May 21, 2007

Jessica: It Was Personal for One Critic

Jessica McBride has been removed from the WTMJ-AM lineup, as most of the civilized world knows.

What was surprising (to some degree) was how it happened. Apparently, one of Jessica's most vocal (or graphical, I suppose) attackers was a fellow named Rowen, who did NOT get the post that Jessica holds at UW-M in the J-school.


That said, I'll say the same thing here that I said in other venues. Ms. McBride's voice is better for print journalism. Sorry about that, Jessica--you are a charming and vivacious lady with good ideas--and a decent soul. But...

And, as I've said elsewhere, "topical" commenters will have a hard time with show-rhythm if they are not broadcasting regularly. Jessica's show was pre-empted both by the Brewers and the Bucks, meaning that she was not a "regular" hostess. Perforce, she couldn't cover events as they happened; immediacy was lost.

That costs. So does the irregularity of her appearances, which discouraged people from being "regular" listeners.

I did not hear the "Kane" show, but I got the idea of it through several other blogs. Personally, I would not have done it--but the point should have been made. It's clear that Mr. Kane doesn't like to deal with conservative ideas (he ran out of the Blogger Summit at MU the very moment his panel discussion ended.) It's likely that he would have been more interesting than a chicken.

Or not.

In any case, it was a good run, and when I did catch her show, it was illuminating.

Jessica will be just fine; and her daughter will be very happy to have her around, too.

As to Rowen--he won't get the radio spot vacated by Jessica, either.

No wonder there's a campaign to dump Jessica from her UW-M position.

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