Friday, May 25, 2007

Advice to GWB: Try to Keep a Few Friends

The Spectator Blog opines that GWB's religious fervor over Amnesty will alienate his friends.


...he continues to misrepresent the immigration debate, and thus lose any chance to attract fence-sitters to his side. Again today, he suggested that the opponents of his immigration plan want us instead to do a massive manhunt and forcibly and quickly deport all 12 millions [sic] illegals -- and then says that, well, of course that's an impossible task, which is why his opponents are wrong. But not even the anti-immigration hardliners at National Review have ever suggested doing that. Again and again and again, the mainstream anti-illegal immigration folks have said their preferred option is to get tough on border enforcement and get tougher on employers who hire illegals, and let the rest of the problem work itself over time by mere attrition. That is NOT a massive deportation scheme. For Bush to continue to insist that mass, forced deportation is his opponents' only alternative is like sticking a hot fork in their eyes. And, since a large percentage of them are people who otherwise are among the last holdouts SUPPORTING Bush on other matters, his insult to their motives and their intelligence is particularly ill advised.

GWB also trots out his Homeland Security Gnome, Mike Chertoff, to call people who oppose this abomination of legislation 'nativists', and 'racists', and other endearing terms.

Chertoff has plenty of problems within the Homeland "Security" Department--like ICE agents who simply ignore or actively stiff local requests for assistance with illegals who behave in a criminal fashion. He doesn't really need any more enemies, either.

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Flavin Groude said...

It's great that the President isolates himself further with "racist" and "bigot" name-calling of his base.