Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where DO These People Come From?

Followed a fifty-ish woman driving a Lexus 450 with dealer-plates down the road today. Had a passenger, nicely-dressed, so I assume he was the salesman from the dealership.

Obviously the woman was confused.

By the way she drove, it was clear that she thought she could buy both the car AND a driver's license in one fell swoop.

Jerked to a stop instead of making a left-turn, (with about 100 yards to spare between her and the 35-mph oncoming traffic). Jerked to a start when the oncoming traffic disappeared.

Managed to get to 40 or 42 MPH on the westward leg of the journey (in a 35 MPH zone,) and damn near vulcanized the road by standing on the brakes when she saw the radar-cop on the side--and trust me, these guys don't get TOO excited about 5-over drivers.

Hope the salesman survived the trip, and that she practices a bit more before obtaining a license from DMV.

Or just gets used to driving in civilization, or something.


Billiam said...

Welcome to my world. I deal with MANY like this every day. Then, this morning, on my way home, a lady in a beat up old blazer almost ran me off the road. Why? She never looked in that reflecty thingy on the door. You know. The one we thinkers call a mirror! As my pal Wizard says, "They live among us."

Dad29 said...

Worse, Billiam, they VOTE!!

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Proving over and over that just because you can afford a Lexus it doesn't mean you are intelligent.