Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Owen Heats the Kitchen, Updated With Scarlet Letter Pubbie

Good ol' Owen decided to test the (R) creds of Assembly (R) members.

So he sent a letter asking them to pledge NOT to vote for any State Budget offering which increases taxes and/or fees--whether DarthDoyle's or any "Republican" alternative.

So far, the response is underwhelming for what should be a no-brainer.

Not yet taking the pledge: Zipperer, Ott, Jeskewitz, Newcomer, and Gundrum.

Besides striking Zipperer (see combox,) we will add Robin Vos in Scarlet Lettering.

Belling reports that Vos earns the Scarlet Lettering by discouraging the Pubbies from signing Owen's pledge.

In these cases, the letter will not be an "A." It will be a "W". You can figure it out...

UPDATE 2: Huebsch, the leader of the Leggie Pubbies, is actively attempting to kill pledges. Not only Vos, but Rhoades, are attempting to get the rest to swallow just a little bit of the poison.

Well, boys and girl, if you like the poison, I suggest you write personal checks for the increases. We don't have any more to give, except some heated and vituperative demonstrations.

UPDATE 3: Vos denies the story.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Dad29. You'll be happy to hear that Zipperer signed it today. I'll have a post up on it this evening.

- Owen