Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Modern Catechetics

From The Jester, a few excerpts:

A reader who created this list sent it to me.

If math were taught the way religion is taught in many Catholic schools:

How do you feel about numbers?
Meditate on your favorite number, then write a paragraph about why it is your favorite.

Choose a song and identify some of the ways in which numbers are present in it. Play the song for the class and lead a discussion about what the class thinks the song expresses about numbers.

Which number is most present to you in your life today? Which number is most absent?

We're going to watch a movie. At the end of the movie we'll discuss the ways in which numbers are explicitly and symbolically portrayed in it.

What can you do to be more aware of numbers in your everyday life?

What are your best and worst experiences involving numbers?

Make a poster in which you creatively and colorfully depict a number of your choice.

You get the idea.

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