Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Illegal Immigration; Foreseeable Results

Dreher, after quoting a column in which an Irving (TX) man was forced to relocate to Arlington, (TX) for his family's safety:

It is clear to me that neither the Democratic nor the Republican party has the will or the intention to enforce the immigration laws as they exist. It does seem that the system is stacked against homeowners, who are effectively powerless. And for whom can they vote to change matters? Nobody. Nobody now, anyway. All you can do is pick up and move, severing bonds of community and friendship, all because business interests and ethnic activists and the government don't give a rat's rear end. This is not going to end pretty, I fear.

You cannot tell people that they have to be prepared to abandon their homes because the government is unwilling or unable to enforce the law against illegal immigration, and expect them to sit back and take it forever.

It's not even near that point in the Milwaukee area. Let's hope it doesn't get there.

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Billiam said...

He left out that if you DO enforce those local laws, you're sure to be over ruled by some leftist Federal judge who'll tell you what a bad person you are, picking on those poor immigrants. It will come this way, Dad.