Thursday, May 31, 2007

Deloitte: Milwaukee's Not All Bad; JS Reporter Doesn't Get It

Well, if you don't count taxes and a "listless" population-increase projection, the area is not a bad place to set up business.

Here's an interesting paragraph from the JSOnline report:

With 2.1% of its work force employed as scientists and engineers, metro Milwaukee trailed some of the rival regions only by narrow margins. It compared with 2.5% for Minneapolis and 2.3% for Charlotte - both big university towns - but lagged the 3.5% for Austin.

....and Austin, home of the University of Texas-Austin, is NOT a 'big university town'?

A better way to look at those numbers is as follows:

'...Minneapolis, home to 3M Corp and Medtronics, Charlotte, the "Research Triangle" town, and Austin, which houses a major IBM installation...'

See, people go where the JOBS are--not to "college towns."


Anonymous said...

There's another little firm in Austin called Dell. Not to mention Texas Instruments has a research facility there as well, I think.

Anonymous said...

Another thing...I don't think most people associate Minneapolis as a "college town".

Dad29 said...

Correct--although there are a couple there--St Thomas and UM-Minneapolis campus (off the top.)

Didn't know Dell was in Austin!

BTW, is Honeywell still in the Twin Cities?