Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bush, the Moonie

Like they say, you can't make this stuff up:

Next month the Washington Times, the conservative newspaper with close ties to every Republican administration since Reagan, celebrates its 25th anniversary. Former President George H.W. Bush will be the headliner.

And the former President deserves the honor. Barbara Bush ought to get a rousing cheer as well. The two of them have been beating the bushes for Reverend Sun Myung Moon for years

...Four years after leaving the White House, in 1996, Bush traveled to Buenos Aires for the opening of Moon’s pan Latin American newspaper, Tiempos del Mundo, and according to the Washington Post received $100,000 for his trouble. Then he accompanied Moon to Uruguay to help open a seminary. His son Neil received $1 million from a Moon foundation for an educational company. (Much of what is known about Moon comes from the efforts of a tiny group of reporters, including blogger John Gorenfeld, as well as Robert Parry, the former AP reporter who broke many of the Iran contra stories. Bill Berkowitz and Fred Clarkson are two others in a small band of reporters who have followed the Bush-Moon connection.)

The Houston Chronicle in 2006 obtained evidence that Moon’s Washington Times Foundation had contributed $1 million to Bush’s presidential library using the Greater Houston Community Foundation as a conduit.

The deal came to light in a rather roundabout way. When he was asked if Moon’s $1 million went to the library, Jim McGrath, the family spokesman, told the Chronicle, “We’re in an uncomfortable position. … If a donor doesn’t want to be identified we need to honor their privacy.” He was then asked whether the money was meant to suggest to the Bush family that the time was at hand for President George W. Bush to grant Moon a pardon for his 1982 conviction McGrath replied, “If that’s why he gave the grant, he’s throwing his money away. … That’s not the way the Bushes operate.”

Pardon me for saying so, but Rev. Moon is on another planet entirely. Why GHWBush is so tight with him is a mystery, but it does make sense with GHWB's "Globaloney" fixation, I guess.


Anonymous said...

It isn't just Bush, major players on the right have worked with and honored Moon to where he is now maintream in many cirlces.

Republicans worked with Moon to tear down the wall between church and state and con blakc ministers.

Bigger question is, why have conservatives from Reagan forward accepted Moon's overseas fundng and help?

The answer is - they would have never taken control of our government without his help.

Moon molded the Republican Party into the theocratic pandering machine we see today. He is their savior.

You may not like that, and these sources but in these posts are many links which document every word.

Ever get ruffled at George Soros?

Read this:

btw, noticed the links to Catholic sites. Moon now has Milingo as a trinket to help him con the world.

Samwise Gregory said...

Wow, it's so fantastic, it may even be true. But, wow, it's quite a stretch. I'd never use Dailykos as a source for ANY reliable information. You may as well thrown in something about a masonic conspiracy with Vatican cooperation. I'd buy DAD's theory that Moon's fishing for a pardon.

Brother James said...

doh, my son's google login on the above comment. Words are mine.

Dad29 said...

Umnnnhhh...the Post's articles are interesting. It's not a surprise that Moon has an interest in this country; it's 'where the money is' you know.

As to Milingo--he may persuade some folks that he's a "Catholic" face. But not many.

I don't think it's a "pardon play." I think Moon actually thinks he's destined to live forever.

Anonymous said...

I'd never use Dailykos as a source for ANY reliable information.

Sorry you have closed your mind. It astounds me how they control what you will are allowed to even consider. The posts are full of non KOS links which document much of this.

Maybe you don't know but "KOS" is one person most people who post there rarely read, but you have been conditioned to fear him. Fact is, most conservatives have no idea what has been behind the scenes, bringing them to power. I suggest you look and study before you go off half cocked conjecturing as to what Moon is doing. You are years behind knowing what he has done to mold conservatism and manipulate our political system. Years behind.

Moon doesn't care about "money" - he has spent 3 billion in overseas cash funding the WT. As the “Messiah” he sees America as something he must manipulate, right, theocratic, authoritarian and homophobic to get to the world. By honoring his paper, conservatives gave huge face all around the world and he is cashing that in now.

He has been very successful. Now he is working on liberals through black ministers.

here's a quote from:

U.S News and World Report March 27, 1989
Rev. Moon's Rising Political Influence
His empire is spending big money trying to win favor with conservatives.

On New Year's Day, 1987, South Korean mystic Sun Myung Moon, who considers himself to be the son of God, told his Unification church followers that he wanted to expand the church's political influence in the United States. His aim, Moon said, was "the natural subjugation of the American government and population." ..

...the church has established a network of affiliated organizations and connections in almost every conservative organization in Washington, including the Heritage Foundation, the largest of the conservative think tanks and an important source of government personnel during the Reagan administration. ...

As the Washington Times has become the voice of capital conservatives, the Heritage Foundation has become far more tolerant of church ties....

The Unification Church's newfound influence has occasioned intense debate among conservatives. One group of worried young conservatives meets regularly in private to compare notes about the problem. But little of the debate has surfaced in public forums. "Most people are afraid to address the issue because they don't want to publicize the extent of the church's involvement," says Amy Moritz of the Conservative National Center for Public Policy Research.

Because almost all conservative organizations in Washington have some ties to the church, conservatives also fear repercussions if they expose the church's role. That happened when one organization, the Capital Research Center, published a newsletter last November warning of the church's attempt to create a "centralized world theocracy." One of its board members, who was also on the board of the International Security Council, resigned in protest, and conservatives charging that the paper was creating discord on the right, besieged the center with angry calls. "We got a very, very strong reaction -- almost as if we were the enemy -- because we raised the issue," says CRC Chairman Willa Johnson, a former president of the Heritage Foundation.

Since some are conditioned to only listen to their own kind – how sad is that?

Watch this panel discussion with three VERY conservative former editors to Moon’s media. Herre a quote form James Whelan, the highly recruited first editor of the WT who quit calling it a “moonie newspaper” and saiung he had “blod on his hands” for helping Moon gain credibility.

Quoting James Whelan, the first editor of Moon’s propaganda paper, the Washington Times. Whelan quit the paper saying he had "blood on his hands" for helping Moon gain credibility.

"They (the Moonies) are subverting our political system. They're doing it through front organizations--most of them disguised--and through their funding of independent organizations--through the placement of volunteers in the inner sanctums of hard-pressed organizations. In every instance--in every instance--those who attend their conferences, those who accept their money or their volunteers, delude themselves that there is no loss of virtue because the Moonies have not proselytized. That misses the central, crucial point: the Moonies are a political movement in religious clothing. Moon seeks power, not the salvation of souls. To achieve that, he needs religious fanatics as his palace guard and shock troops. But more importantly, he needs secular conscripts--seduced by money, free trips, free services, seemingly endless bounty and booty--in order to give him respectability and, with it, that image of influence which translates as power."

Dad29 said...

You suggest that Moon is trying to play both sides to the middle with the "black ministers" gambit? That's a dangerous game.

Secondly, your "theocratic, ...authoritarian...homophobic" line is a bit hysterical.

One can worry that the Presidency has been elevated beyond its capacity to carry the burden, as Congress has (even Sensenbrenner...) and that may be "authoritarian." But GWB doesn't worry me as much as a Giuliani would in that office.

As to "homophobic"--please. We've heard that continuously, and it doesn't play here in Peoria. Come up with something a bit more precise and less "ooooohhhh, I'm hurt."

Theocratic? Not likely. For that to happen, a helluvalotta mainline Prots (and mid-road and lefty Catholics) will have to undergo a miraculous conversion.

And it won't be to Rev. Moon's bunch.

Brother James said...

Anon, your post illuminates the value of frequenting the Kos. If I want to know how lefties FEEL, I'll go to the Kos. When I'm looking for more objective FACTS, I usually synthesize NPR,CNN,and WSJ, with a dash of common sense as well.

I'm not worried about a theocracy, per se, but a totalitarian regime that preaches tolerance while appealing to judeo-christian charity for latitude. One doesn't have to be a Southern Baptist to be religious. Nihilists can be just as dogmatic about the Void.

The adherants of the Religion of Me are just as fanatical about their beliefs, and even have an orthodoxy (as amorphous as it may be) from which heretics are condemned. If you don't think so, lemme ask; What's your "Carbon Footprint"?

Anonymous said...

Why do so many conservatives take a subject they obviously know nothing about and throw out their(wrong) observations of same to someone who knows the subject?

Do you ask questions? No, you know, without study. Amazing.

None of you have even touched on the root of the subject. That is why Moon has ALREADY had his way with you.

Not a one of you have read or have a clue what you are talking about but my goodness you know how to couch it.

Oh you did ask one question. What's my "carbon footprint"? What is it like to be trained to spew that kind of mindless bs. Make you feel like you are on the right side? Does is it validate you?

What is like to live in an alternate false reality?

So, who would you like to torture today to make you feel like a bigshot and safe?

I'll be moving on. There are some people who use their critical thinking skills and when confronted with information totally new to them, they study, read before they tell others what it is all about. Had a one of you done that, you would not have replied to this post for a few weeks.