Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lefties and Their Reasons for Being So

Obviously, this guy has a show worth watching.

Greg Gutfeld, host of Fox News’ bawdy, blogger-friendly 2 a.m. chatfest Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, was smoking outside the Landmark Tavern in Hell’s Kitchen on a recent Sunday night

...He dismisses liberalism as “romantic notions that are false, based on the idea of making yourself look good to other people. That’s why most men—Bill Clinton is a good example—are liberal, because they need to get laid. If you look at most left-wing guys, they’ve made a deal with the devil. They don’t really believe that shit—they’re going against their own innate nature, because liberalism is anti-man. If you believe that peace and love work, you’re not a man, because this world works on war. The only people who respect you are people who are scared of you—and that’s why Reagan was a great President. And the idea that you can negotiate with people who want you dead is a complete lie. That’s why the left is the most self-absorbed, vanity-driven enterprise. These are people who would rather feel good about themselves at a cocktail party that actually protect people’s lives. If you’re at a party and you say, ‘The war on terror is the most important thing in the world’—you won’t get a nod. But if you say, ‘Global warming is the biggest threat,’ you will get laid.”

Well, maybe it's not ALL about beneath-the-belt motivation. But it certainly can't be "above the neck" working which drives them...


Billiam said...

Hmmm... I guess I won't get laid... LOL

Headless Blogger said...

It is the truth. I guarantee it.

Do you think Bill Clinton believes the crap he says. He is a brilliant man, but he has different primary motivations than I do.