Friday, May 25, 2007

Preventing Local LEO's From Asking Questions

The usual-suspect RINOs voted against an amendment to the Immigration Crap.

Senator Coleman’s legislation will not require local law enforcement to use their own resources to enforce federal immigration laws. Moreover, it does not require local law enforcement to conduct immigration raids or act as federal agents. Senator Coleman’s bill will simply give law enforcement officers the ability to inquiry about a person’s immigration status during their routine investigations, and in turn report their findings to the appropriate Federal authorities though already-established channels, as they are currently required to do by law.

This was a tight vote; it lost, 49-48. The RINOs?

Graham (R-SC) [the Republican Breck Girl], Hagel (R-NE) [working on Pomposity Crown '07], Lugar (R-IN) [ran for Pres, bailed in 4 months], Martinez (R-FL) [also RNC Chairman], Snowe (R-ME) [against all odds, still not entirely senile], Specter (R-PA) ["Scotty"] , Voinovich (R-OH)

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