Sunday, April 30, 2006

Biker Problems


You've noticed these groups--hogging up the roadways, deviating in lanes, running stoplights and stopsigns, blocking cars and occasionally harassing pedestrians. I certainly have; it's a wonder that more of them are not flattened by cars or trucks, the way they drive those damn bikes.

And the Milwaukee Police Department deserves a big "thank you" from us for taking them on.

Milwaukee police and members of the bicycle activist group Critical Mass on Saturday gave different versions of the events that led to the arrests of six and ticketing of 21 riders during the group's monthly trek on the city's east side Friday evening.

Riders called it overkill and harassment, saying they purposely stayed on the county's Oak Leaf bike path to avoid confrontation with officers. But police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz described the group as known traffic scofflaws who "came barreling down the path, forcing other cyclists and pedestrians" out of their way.

Not all of the bike riders stayed on the trail, she said.

"They were going into the city streets and then back into the path," she said.

Six riders were arrested, taken to the District 5 police station on N. 4th St. by police vehicle and released later Friday evening, police said. Fifteen others were cited, but not taken to the station. The municipal offenses ranged from riding a bicycle without a city license to disorderly conduct and obstructing police.

Maybe these jerks will learn from the experience, but I doubt it.


Billiam said...

They won't. As you say, they're militant. the end justifies the means and all that rubbish.

Dad29 said...

Bicycle Commuter:

I take it that you do NOT threaten/harass pedestrians nor interfere with/harass vehicular traffic.

Others do. THEY are the problem.

BTW, your demographic info is irrelevant.

Dad29 said...

Oh, and BCMike: I DO have ready access to firearms.

So what? It's not illegal. I don't brandish, nor threaten pedestrians and vehicular traffic (much as I am tempted to on occasion...)

Anonymous said...

I quote from the original article:
"The municipal offenses ranged from riding a bicycle without a city license..."

I'll remember not to move to that city thank-you. When every six-year-old to eighty-six-year-old needs to have permission from the city/state to ride a bicycle (most often for execise, as well) there is a bit of a problem. I understand the idea of registering frame serial #s to help solve thefts (hint: it rarely works, and only against simple offenders), but a license?

(As for the Critical Mass folks--I understand what makes them angry, but they go about their thing in entirely the wrong way.)