Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back Off, Paul

Waukesha DA Paul Bucher, who is running for the Pubbie A.G. nomination (in case you didn't know...) has now unleashed a screech over JBVanHollen's comment that 'there is terrorist training and ....fundraising activity' going on in Wisconsin.

Bucher claims that VanHollen (who REALLY knows how to handle a pistol) is "terrorizing" Wisconsin residents with his remarks.

Paul, take a chill-pill.

1) Anybody who thinks that Wisconsin is immune from 'terrorist training/fundraising' is living in la-la-land and ipso facto is likely a Democrat. Yeah, it's going on.

2) Anybody who is "terrorized" by VanHollen's remarks is just a bit more, ah, sensitive than they should be. See #1) above.

By the way, a concealed-carry law (or for that matter, an OPEN-carry law) would relieve a lot of people of their "terrors," Paul. You know--like the one you tried to skewer back a session ago.

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