Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Unhinged Now Threatens

Howard Dean:

"The religious community has to decide whether they want to be tax exempt or involved in politics."

HT: JunkYardBlog

Besides the Revs. Jackson and Sharpton, we also note that the Rev. Coffin was never threatened, nor was the USCC when it was a gaggle of "Democrats at Prayer."

Evidently Dean has given up on silencing Limbaugh, Hannity (who's really not a threat anyway), Sykes, et al...and has decided that the conservative Christians (and the Catholic Bishops who have raised the issue of "pro-abortion Catholics" being hypocrites are the new target of the Democratic Party.

Good luck, Howie. How's the fund-raising going?


Marcus Aurelius said...

My parish on its "Social justice" board has material expressly attacking President Bush and material pushing leftist organizations (Dems and so called Progressives).

I think Howard Dean and his ilk miss the picture as badly with the church as with the military voter.

The left cast away any respect for traditional religion along with respect and support for the military, and in doing so, they lost the support of both voting blocs.

Religious lefties are fond of saying how religious they are and how religious values are really leftist values (a worthy debate), but their voice counts for very little among the left.

Dad29 said...

Catholic social teaching is clear: there IS such a thing as a preference for the poor, and there IS such a thing as greed...

The libertarian capitalist crowd does not want to hear that, at all. Ever.

But there are also such things as morals, and again, the libertarians (and most Dimowits) don't want to hear about that, either. Ever.