Thursday, April 27, 2006


Welborn tells an interesting story:

I was just speaking to a woman who used to be a parish Director of Religious Education. She recounted a time when someone in her parish offered to teach a course in Biblical Greek. Some powers that were demurred, suggesting that no, that's not what people would want. They want to (wait for it) share their faith. Reflect.

She said, eh, let's try it.

It was the most popular adult education program she ever offered.

In my experience as a teacher (no, not full-time) this sort of thing rings the "true" bell. Adults and children alike generally want to learn something. Not ALL adults, nor children--but look at the number of people who voluntarily participate in the Symphony Chorus, Bach Chamber Choir, and Bel Canto--it's around 400 or so, just in those three large choirs in Milwaukee.

They are there to learn.

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