Saturday, April 22, 2006

Missing from This Story

The JSOnline story about Gonzales' appearance here consists of 9 grafs. The first is straightforward:

U.S. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales was in Milwaukee on Friday to announce a $2.5 million grant to fight gangs, and was also briefed about the Frank Jude Jr. beating case and a jury's acquittal of three former Milwaukee police officers tried in the crime.

As was the last:

The $2.5 million grant will provide $1 million for prevention programs, $1 million for law enforcement and $500,000 for prisoner re-entry, drug treatment and job training programs, he said. Milwaukee is one of six cities to get the grants.

The rest had to do with Frank Jude and Gonzales' personal history as he related it to a number of students from the South Side of Milwaukee.

But somewhere along the line (TV or radio news) there was a LOT more about the reason for the Gang Grant--having to do with the gravity of the gang problem in know, stuff the Mayor and Cop Shop should be concerned about...

But hey! Milwaukee's Mayor will be in the Big Apple this weekend, discussing "Gun Problems" with illuminati such as the Mayors of NYC and Boston.

S'pose they'll mention the gangs=guns connection?

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