Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lease WHAT for $700./Month?

So I checked with a friend who sells cars.

What can you get for $700./month in leased cars, assuming 24 months/24K miles?

Benz 500 series
BMW 500 series
Lexus 300 series, (maybe 400 series)
VW Tuareg
ANY Cadillac
ANY large SUV

All fully-loaded.


Anonymous said...

Go Badgers!!! No wonder the price of season tickets keeps going up!!

Anonymous said...

Don't get a newer sports car, Dad. There's something very unmasculine about it, in my opinion.

Old sports cars are ok. I figure the guy has one because of the vintage/restoration aspect, and not so he looks pretty.

Anonymous said...

I think Scarlette might of missed the point... I highly doubt I will see any gummint officiales coming through my doors, but if I do, you be the first to be informed.

BTW, VW Tuareg is spelled Touareg.