Thursday, April 20, 2006

For $18MM and Change...

You can buy a containerload of ground-to-air missiles from Red China:

"The weapons proposed in this deal with the [agent] included 'QW-2 shoulder-fired missiles' with a 'ground energy unit,' 'firing unit,' and 'optical aiming device,' and the proposal forwarded by defendant to the [agent] called for the sale of 200 such missiles for a total price of $18,308,100," the statement said.

As usual, the PRC military (read: Friends/Relatives of PRC Dictators) is involved:

Wu told the undercover agent that the plan for getting the missiles out of China involved the help of a "corrupt customs broker" in China and falsified export papers, the statement said. The deal involved a "Gen. Wang" in China who was to supply the weapons. China's military has been linked to past illicit arms deals, including the attempted sale of AK-47 assault rifles to Los Angeles street gangs.

The Premier of RedChina will be chatting with GWB today--most likely about the $202 Bn. trade deficit. Thank God we prevented this $18MM addition to the number, eh?

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