Monday, April 24, 2006

Aaaaahhhhhhhnold Wants YOUR Money

So here's the deal: Aaaahhhhhhnold, the semi-Socialist "Republican" governor of California, overspends like, ah, most political hacks on such goodies as "education" and "stem-cell opportunism."

THEN he "finds" that the Feds are not spending enough of OUR money on California levees.

He musta been reading the Nagin/Lott/Stevens Handbook of Governance. You know the one. All fifty-seven chapters deal with ways to steal money from people who live on "other" States (or cities, or counties--depends) and give it to your own personal list of Best Friends.

Henry Maier used the "Infrastructure 101" chapter to create an un-elected taxing district called MMSD. Tommy Thompson used "Infra. 102" when screaming "Stick It To 'Em!!!!" in his most famous speech.

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