Friday, April 28, 2006

Paul Bucher and the T.S.A.

We all fondly recall the T.S.A.--the Federal agency which randomly screens grannies, babies, and nursing mothers before they get on an airplane. This is done in the name of "terror prevention." T.S.A. made it a point NOT to screen young Arab males who pay cash for one-way tickets--that would be discriminatory.

Well, apparently AG candidate Paul Bucher has the T.S.A. manual on his desk and has similar plans. Stop and screen EVERYONE on the highway to find the drunks.

This is not Mr. Bucher's only "LEO-mentality" demonstration--he's also famous for throwing a monkey-wrench into the CCW proposal a couple of years ago by insisting that CCW permit-holders would represent a danger to cops who stop them for traffic violations.


So under the Bucher plan, it's advisable that you leave 10-15 minutes early for whatever engagement you have--because you might be in a long line for a while. Tough cookies for you if you happen to be driving your wife-in-labor to the hospital, or are on a tight business schedule.

Paul, that's not Law Enforcement. That's the old "Show Us Your Papers" business.

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